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photo by Aaron Feaver

Local Motors Succeeds in Test Driving First 3D Printed Car
Last week, Local Motors announced that it was attempting to 3D print a car and then test drive it at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago in less than a week. Saturday, Local Motors took the Strati, the first 3D printed car, out on its maiden journey around McCormick Place after 44 hours of print. 
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Current work in progress, which is of a car that i’ve been obsessed with for years and years now, a BMW E30 M3. So far around 4 hours invested. 
Ha! That’s my friend’s dad’s house and his cars. Still has the Enzo and the Versace LP640


Shares in Tesla Motors Inc. popped nearly 5 percent Thursday after CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the electric carmaker has a pair of mysterious announcements coming on Oct. 9. Investors are eagerly anticipating Tesla’s sport-utility Model X as well as the lower-priced, mass-market Model S, but his tweets were about a “different” product announcement.

"About time to unveil the D and something else," Musk tweeted on Wednesday night, along with a picture of a shadowy Tesla hiding in an industrial garage. Musk, the well-known entrepreneur, is known for making big announcements on Twitter as opposed to issuing press releases or leaking news to reporters.

The Wall Street Journal speculated that the letter “D” refers to the “dual motor” that will be found in the upcoming Tesla Model X, enabling an all-wheel-drive system useful for areas that get a lot of snow. The Journal noted that Musk’s tease comes during the biennial Paris Motor Show, when a number of Tesla’s competitors are promising to offer electric versions of popular models.


2014 | Jaguar E-Type Lightweight Source

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